SafeClinch Training System
"Verbal De-escalation and Therapeutic Holds"
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SafeClinch Training System: Crisis Intervention, Verbal De-escalation
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Kansas City, Missouri


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The SafeClinch Training System is for organizations needing verbal de-escalation training and proven restraint can learn more about SafeClinch by clicking on the "about us" tab of this site.  This program is only offered to Master Instructors, which you can also learn about on this site.

SafeClinch is a group of restraint techniques that relys more on 2-3 people restraint holds, although it does teach individual/solo restraint techniques and personl safety as well.

The SafeClinch Training System provides verbal de-escalation; restraint training; and proven instructional strategies.  SafeClinch teaches standing and floor restraints to include stomach up and stomach down (prone) position. 

We understand that some organizations are prohibited from using a prone restraint.  SafeClinch utilizes what we call "Prone Containment" instead of "Prone Restraint".  The idea is to use prone containment if other options are not working to control the client for a short period of time, before transitioning to a hold with the client vertical, seated or on their back, etc.  Our prone containment is only one of the procedures used in the SafeClinch System.  So, even if your organization is not allowed to use a prone restraint, it will still benefit from using SafeClinch, since it does not rely on any one technique.  The SafeClinch Training System is customizable for a wide variety of organizations that deal with uncooperative behaviors and the person with special needs.

In addition to this you will learn escort and escape techniques; group restraint techniques; use of mechanical restraints(if your facility allows); passive restraint techniques; and most importantly verbal de-escalation.

Tuition to become a master instuctor includes a certificate that is valid for three (3) years; a training manual; and training videos that walks the instructor through each technique in the SafeClinch Training System.  

There are over 240 photos in the SafeClinch Instructor's Manual and over 120 video clips walking you through each technique/scenario in the SafeClinch Training System.

There are no fees paid to SafeClinch for end user staff trained within the master instructors organization.


New program for 2016.  If you are looking for a separate verbal de-escalation instructor course, without the physical intervention training; we now offer this option.  This course is completed completely online. 
Visit for program details.
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