SafeClinch Training System​

​"Verbal De-escalation and Therapeutic Holds"

Crisis Intervention, Verbal De-escalation, and Physical Restraint


The SafeClinch Training System is for any organization requiring the use of strong verbal de-escalation skills along with quality physical control training.  The following is a short list of organizations that could benefit from SafeClinch.

Public Schools                        Loss Prevention                    Mental Health Facilities
Law Enforcement                   Private Security                     Residential Centers
Hospitals                                Group Homes                        Corrections (Adult/Juvenile)

The SafeClinch Training System will provide your organization with proven methods to interact with clients in a safe manner.  By using verbal de-escalation skills and responsible restraint techniques SafeClinch will instruct your staff on how to provide a safe and secure enviroment. 

There is not a more innovative and effective control system out there today.  If your facility/organization wants to be on the cutting edge and be the "best of the best", it needs the SafeClinch Training System.

Administrators of juvenile and adult facilities were finding that the control systems that they had been using for years were not addressing the needs of their organizations.  Providing proper training can reduce potential client and personal litigation against an agency.  The courts have held that training that is proper and ongoing is the best defense an agency can have in defending itself against a civil suit.

We have to manage ourselves before we can properly manage other people.  SafeClinch spends a great deal of time teaching people how to manage themselves before teaching them how to properly restrain a combative client.  We provide ample practice time, question/answer time, along with some very good scenarios.  The program is geared toward providing the staff/student with some very good information and techniques in a compact three day training session.  Although, there are scheduled break times, this course does not have wasted and/or down time.

Not all scenarios happen the way we are taught in the class environment; we teach you how to adjust and still remain inside the box.

Your master instructor certificate is valid for three years and as an master instructor you will receive a quality training manual.  You will also receive all forms and test material needed to teach your first training session along with free access to the SafeClingh resource center by phone and on-line.

New to the program:  Instructors now receive a new presentation to teach from that includes video of all techniques in the SafeClinch Training System...please see the Master Instructor section of this site for further information.

SafeClinch emphasizes dealing with human emotions and the importance of proper training.  Staff personnel will partake in teamwork exercises, verbal de-escalation and physical restraint scenarios.  Staff will also learn how to remain professional in confrontational situations and how to properly interact with these clients.

The SafeClinch Training System provides both offensive and defensive capabilities and can be used effectively from any angle or in any scenario.  Our techniques are easy for staff to learn and retain without the need for extensive training.  We use a "Common Sense" progression of force starting at verbal de-esclation and progressing to empty hand positive control techniques.  The physical control techniques are taught using mechanical leverage opposed to pain compliance to control a combative client.