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​"Verbal De-escalation and Therapeutic Holds"

Crisis Prevention

We will be the first to admit that none of the SafeClinch staff have ever been instructors in any of our competitor’s crisis prevention and intervention programs, but being in the business of training instructors for over fifteen years we have had the opportunity to witness parts of our competitors programs.  We have also had people demonstrate to us the techniques utilized in other programs over the years.  What we have gathered is that most of our major competitors have been in the crisis prevention and intervention business since the late 70’s and/or early 80’s, and many of our customers had been using these programs before switching to the SafeClinch Program.  So, we get to hear quite a bit about the previous programs the organizations were using, and have been able to capitalize on the perceived weaknesses of these programs offered by some of our competitors.

Our major competitors offer 3-5 day instructor certification programs.  It appears all these programs could easily be taught in three days.  The programs are full of “Role Playing” exercises, which can be good and bad.  We highly recommend role playing and simulation training for your organization and take advantage of this teaching method in the SafeClinch Program.  However, most of our competitors use role playing exercises as “filler”, which usually means several people in the room are sitting around with nothing to do.  One reason competitors rely too heavily on “role play” teaching is that their programs lack real substance; this is especially true with regard to their personal safety and restraint techniques.

Our competitors spend a great deal of time on non-physical activity, because they lack the real world experience needed to successfully blend the physical with the non-physical; which is needed for a crisis prevention and intervention program to be truly effective.  The founders of most crisis prevention programs claim to have come by their physical techniques by having some kind of background in the use of body mechanics and leverage; learned while working with special needs populations.  The problem with this is that none of these people have ever participated or trained in any kind of mainstream physical control tactics.  Point being, if you have never been subjected to a wide variety of physical control tactics, how can you ever know what techniques are safe, which techniques are not safe, and more importantly which techniques are most effective.  This concept is very simple; if you do not know where you have been, how can you know where you are going.  The SafeClinch Training System relies on body mechanics and safe techniques, just like our competitors.  The only difference is that our techniques were discovered and perfected while participating and teaching a wide assortment of physical control tactics, in addition to utilizing our experience working with special needs populations.

Message From SafeClinch:

The best way for us to show you if the SafeClinch Training System is the right program for you is to list a major competitor of ours in the industry.  The Crisis Prevention Institute, Inc. is the self proclaimed largest provider of crisis prevention and intervention training in the world.  Well, you won’t get any arguments on that claim from us, as we agree they appear to be the largest.  It is for that reason that if your organization decides the SafeClinch Training System is not what you are looking for we would recommend the Crisis Prevention Institute, Inc. as a viable alternative.  Their goal is to provide a safe work environment and our goal is to provide a safe work environment.  Another one of their goals is to treat people with respect and dignity; also one of the goals of the SafeClinch Training System.  If you would like information on the Crisis Prevention Institute, Inc. you can find out more at the following site..... .  However, at last check the cost to become a CPI instructor was $2,800! 

We doubt you will see any mention of the SafeClinch Program on any of our competitor’s sites. We are probably the only program that would list our competitors on our own site, but we really want you to have all the information you need to make a good decision that you feel comfortable with.  The SafeClinch Program is so innovative and cutting edge that we feel comfortable with our potential customers and/or business partners shopping around, so they can select the best crisis prevention and intervention program for their organization.  With training budgets shrinking every year, you can see why our competitors do not want your organization comparing their programs with the SafeClinch Program.

The average cost to become an instructor with one of our major competitors is $1,200 to $1,500.  The average number of years before recertification is required is 1-2 years.  The cost to become a “Master” Instructor in the SafeClinch Program is $500; and recertification is only required every 3 years.  Our competitors also require the organization pay a fee for each end user trained by the instructor; we consider this a hidden fee.  In the SafeClinch Program there are no fees paid to SafeClinch for end users trained within the Master Instructor’s organization.  In addition many competitors require you to buy workbooks for all end users each time that your instructor trains within your organization; this is yet an additional cost to your organization.  The SafeClinch Program allows your organization to make copies of the printed materials provided by SafeClinch at no additional charge.

Many of our competitors use “dated” manuals for instructional purposes; often times using “stick” figures and meager drawings.  It is for this reason that SafeClinch produces one of the most contemporary and comprehensive instructor manuals in the industry.  There are over 240 photos in the SafeClinch Instructor Manual and over 120 video clips walking the student through each technique and scenario in the SafeClinch Training System.  SafeClinch provides all these presentation items with the basic fee to become a Master Instructor.  In comparison some of our competitors offer single volume training videos for $395; in addition to their required instructor fees.

Our competitors spend most of the program time on classroom lecture and exercises and spend little time on physical intervention.  We at SafeClinch understand that physical intervention should be used as a last resort, but that does not mean physical intervention/techniques should be taught at the end of the program, with little emphasis.  The SafeClinch Program offers an excellent training module for preventing disruptive behavior and communicating with people that are emotionally charged.  However, we balance this training material with high quality personal safety and physical intervention training.