SafeClinch Training System​

​"Verbal De-escalation and Therapeutic Holds"

SafeClinch Training System: Crisis Intervention, Verbal De-escalation.....

Alan T. Johnson


Please see listing below.  The following is a sample of approved holds in the SafeClinch Training System.

1.  S.A.F.E. Hold/Clinch
2.  Side Hold/Clinch (and variations)
3.  Modified Side Clinch
4.  One arm over/under Hold
5.  Seatbelt Hold/Clinch (and variations)
6.  Bicep and Wrist Escort Hold
7.  Tricep and Wrist Escort Hold
8.  X-Grip from Walk Down Transition

SafeClinch is a division of Defensive Tactics 101

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Alan developed this crisis intervention program and has been training instructors at the Federal, State, and Local levels for over fifteen years.  Alan possesses a Bachelor's Degree in Criminal Justice from Central Missouri State University in Missouri and a Master's Degree in Management from Baker University in Kansas.  He has work experience in the private and public industry dealing with juvenile and adult special needs populations.  His experience is in security operations; investigations; and programs.  Alan has held various management roles and has an extensive background in classroom instruction.  He has instructed classes in the following areas: use of force, use of mechanical restraints, emergency procedures, verbal de-escalation skills, and CPR to name a few.  Alan also spent five years with the Missouri Criminal Investigations Bureau, as a Special Agent.

He has been actively involved with the martial arts disciplines of judo and jujitsu for over 20 years; and holds advance black belt certifications. This martial arts experience, coupled with his professional work with juvenile and adult special needs populations, has given him the insight to recognize the necessity for staff personnel to have more tools at their disposal when dealing with hostile and aggressive clients.

Alan serves as an expert witness and will conduct a critical incident review for any agency using the SafeClinch verbal de-escalation and physical restraint system.  Alan is considered an expert in unarmed use of force scenarios through his experience teaching defensive tactics and working with out of control clients.   

 Alan is the owner and head instructor of Northland Grappling in Kansas City, Missouri

The SafeClinch Training System includes material on various scenarios and staff awareness/ personal safety is just another one of these areas.  The short video clip below is an example of the quality training your organization will receive when deciding to use SafeClinch. 

Video Sample: How to properly get back to your feet if knocked down......