SafeClinch Training System​

​"Verbal De-escalation and Therapeutic Holds"

Crisis Intervention Master Instructor Certification Program

With budgets shrinking every year and turnover rates on the rise becoming a master instructor allows you to replinish the instructors at your facility, when you most need them.  The MI certificate will save your organization money by not having to send all instructors to off-site training.

Important:  The reason we can make master instructors in the SafeClinch Training System is because of the new video package offered by SafeClinch.  This is the way the program presentation works......

1.  After you have attended the MI class you will be emailed the slide presentation for the verbal de-escalation portion of the program.  In addition, you will given a login/password for your online access to the videos.

2.  At the first class you will receive your Instructors manual that has everything you need to start teaching your first class.   Your manual includes all verbal de-escalation material and physical techniques.  The manual provides you with a brief description and pictures of each technique.

Master Instructor Requirements:

It is not required that a person has been trained in the SafeClinch Training System to become a master instructor, but it is helpful.  It is recommended that each facility have two MI's...for team teaching, etc...but we realize many facilities will only have one (1) MI...and that is fine. 

The MI must email SafeClinch the dates a new instructor was trained and the name of the new instructor.  SafeClinch will send the new instructor an instructor certificate signed by the SafeClinch President and that certificate will also need to be signed by the MI at the facility.  The facility/organization will be invoiced for $300 per person that the MI makes an instructor.  The instructor certificates are valid for three (3) years. 

Note: Remember there is no charge if the MI trains end users at their organizations; there is only a charge if the MI wishes to train other instructors.

The SafeClinch Training System is a master instructor course that is taught in a three day session.  Course hours will be 8:00am to 5:00pm each day.  Training manuals; video online access and instructor certificates (valid for three years) will be provided.  The certificates will include the name of master instructor and the name of the organization that master instructor is assigned to.  Participants need to wear comfortable clothing for mat work.  It is requested that individuals come ready to participate.

The course fee for this three day program is $500 per Master Instructor.

On site training from SafeClinch is also available at your location.  This is a great opportunity for your facility and surrounding facilities to team up and take advantage of the SafeClinch Training System.  Please call about classes in other locations and/or hosting classes. 

There are three payment options; 1). payment before training (cash or check) 2). purchase order number (invoice will be emailed) or 3.) credit/debit card option below (click "add to cart"; enter quantity, update cart, and checkout; lastly select use your credit card/continue link).  Before choosing any of the options above please contact us via email or phone for a training application form to complete if applicable.


Those that attend the master instructor certification training for SafeClinch can anticipate the following during the three day session..........


*   Registration / check-in
*   Introduction to SafeClinch.
*   Philosophy of the program
*   Discussion on what control is and the need for proper training
*   Lessons on effective communication and verbal de-escalation
*   Crisis Resolution


*   Proper Techniques vs. Excessive Force
*   Staff and Client Safety
*   Body positioning, staff presence and escorting
*   Release and blocks
*   Physical control tactics.


*   Advanced physical control tactics
*   Simulations
*   Review of program material
*   Performance / skills test
*   Certification presentation

The Course Fee for "Instructor" Training is $300 per Instructor.