SafeClinch Training System​

​"Verbal De-escalation and Therapeutic Holds"

We have found that our competitors rarely demonstrate any of the physical techniques/holds on their respective websites and/or advertising material.  If you happen to visit any of these sites you will find points of interest only described in writing.  Honestly, we believe our competitors cannot afford to publicize their physical techniques, because there is not much for them to publicize.  And even if our competitors did decide to publicize their programs more, the average visitor to their website would quickly be able to ascertain that the program was deficient in several ways; which includes failing to be functional, practical, and/or effective. 

SafeClinch devotes as much space as possible on our website to demonstrate our personal safety techniques and therapeutic holds.  We do this because we feel that anybody can develop average physical techniques/holds, but putting those techniques/holds into a comprehensive crisis prevention and intervention system is what makes the SafeClich Training System so effective and unique.  Whatever program you use, it is imperative that your staff be able to smoothly transition between techniques and make everything fit together, so the non-physical and physical flow together.  We feel the SafeClinch Program blends the non-physical and physical together better than our competitors, because of our experience dealing with both.

Thank You!  

We really appreciate you visiting SafeClinch Training System.  You are the reason for our continued success!

Not all programs are created equal!  We know what you might be thinking; if the SafeClinch Program is so great and innovative than why do others not just offer a similar program?  The answer is easy; because they can’t; but it is not from a lack of effort.  Over the last fifteen years there have been crisis intervention programs come and go; mostly going.  These programs see the larger programs doing well, so they try and offer a similar version of a crisis intervention program.  The problem is these smaller programs do not have the experience needed to be successful over a long period of time.  So, make sure whatever program you choose will be around a year from now.

We only consider a handful of crisis prevention programs to be serious competitors with the SafeClinch Program.  There are many more that try to offer some version of crisis prevention and intervention, but these programs are just watered down versions of a few larger programs.  Many of these smaller programs are content with obtaining a few customers locally and mainly offer some sort of training in their immediate geographic area. 

We spend a great deal of time on the phone helping our customers and future instructors choose the right crisis prevention and intervention program for their respective organizations.  SafeClinch wants our customers/instructors to be with us for a long time; so if we feel there is another program out there that better fits the needs of their organization, we gladly point them in a potential competitor’s direction.  We also explain our program using simple terminology and do not try and impress people by using the latest trendy terms in our industry that our customers may never have heard before. 

The SafeClinch Training System still considers itself a small crisis prevention and intervention business; and offers much better customer service than our larger competitors.  When you contact SafeClinch you will more than likely be in contact with the owner and developer of the program.  However, when you contact one of our larger competitors the average call center support person will be who you talk with about your organizations needs. 

Our Success

The SafeClinch Training System has continually developed and improved over the last fifteen years; and a lot of the success of the program came directly from customer feedback.  The majority of the  training sessions are taught by the owner and developer of SafeClinch; so all that experience has been taken from the field and used to continually make SafeClinch a better program.  We have adjusted our training tools accordingly over the years and recently added over 120 video clips to accompany the instructor manuals and presentation material.  We firmly believe that the SafeClinch Training System has become a top tier crisis prevention and intervention program, and the program is respected world wide as an industry leader.  The SafeClinch Training System has also excelled in niche markets and can create solutions for your organizations specific needs.  We have accomplished this by remaining more flexible than our competitors in the training field.

The SafeClinch Training System has never raised its training prices.  We can do this by continually improving our delivery methods and keeping our administrative costs lower than our competitors.  So, do not expect to see any pictures of an extravagant SafeClinch Training System/Corporate Office Building any time soon.  In addition other programs offer several training dates throughout the year.  SafeClinch offers only the strategic training dates and locations needed to meet our valued customer’s needs.  In 2009 we added the Master Instructor option to further reduce the cost of training for our customers and business partners.

Most of our competitors do not offer a “Master Instructor” option with their programs.  And the few that actually do offer the option do so only on a case by case basis.  To our knowledge no other program offers a Master Instructor option like the MI offered by the SafeClinch Training System.   In addition there are very few competitors that offer training sessions with the program president and/or founder.  When this service is requested from a competitor that offers it; the price for this is even higher, which cost your organization more money.  This is not the case with SafeClinch.  If you are trained by the president and founder of the program; which more than likely you will be, there is no additional cost for this added benefit.